Weekend report: Bread + the ER

Hi, invisible internet friends! This weekend was simultaneously quiet and cozy (video call with best friend! visit to the house! lots of cozy studying while it rained outside!) and not: driving the partner to the ER due to another gallbladder episode and translating in the car while waiting for him.

First the more fun stuff: spent Saturday morning curled up with lecture videos of one of my favorite courses and a cup of coffee. Super satisfying to finally be making some headway in catching up on this course, and also genuinely enjoyable. (Even more so because raining outside, so totally not tempted to be doing some fun outdoor activity instead.)

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Friday Report: Another one for the books

Things that I did today: in short, a full day of work + applying for a job + negotiating the purchase of an apartment + some extra rush work on top of my regular work + some other odds and ends of life and work admin. The part I may be proudest of is still making myself do pilates at 9pm despite being utterly exhausted.

More specifically:

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