Day 4: Feeling better

Feeling much better than yesterday. The family drama has faded at least somewhat. It looks like the aunts and uncles won’t be joining us for Christmas day, which is sad, but also kind of a relief, since they do have a higher risk profile. It also means that it’ll just be my immediate family and my cousin and his family (including their two kids, for added Christmas magic – yay!), so it’ll still be a good, cozy family Christmas, but potentially with less pressure. I am here for it, though I do hope I’ll still be able to see my aunts and uncles sometime soon.

Aside from that, yesterday was lovely – my father and I baked more cookies, bringing this year’s total to 650ish, I got started on some pre-Christmas cleaning of the house, and had a good evening watching Modern Family with my mom.

Also rediscovered the magic of reading physical books. Through some glitch in the Libby system, I currently don’t have access to that, so I had to resort to re-reading a random paperback from my shelf. I opted for “What Alice Forgot” (Liane Moriarity is a surefire win every time, even on re-reading, it turns out) and sunk right into it. I think this means I need to get back to the library. I’d been avoiding it since covid started, but I don’t honestly think it is the riskiest activity (grocery shopping is arguably worse – definitely more crowded) and I love my good old hometown library so much! Anyway. For now, I’m going to crunch right through today’s workload (getting all work done first thing in the morning is definitely the way to go – I hate having to come back to it in the evening for an early morning deadline, when I’m already all sleepy and grumpy) and then get back to my book. I basically remember how it ends, but that is not impacting my enjoyment of it in the slightest.

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